ePayslips are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a fast, secure and cost effective way of delivering payslip information to employees. And with increasing paper and postage costs, for employers with employees across many sites and locations, swapping from paper payslips to electronic payslips has many benefits. Although ePayslips have been around for a number of years especially in European countries, with the increase in internet usage, bandwidth, internet enabled mobile devices and the widespread use of secure online banking, the ePayslip market is maturing in Sri Lanka.

Why cloud based ePayslip? And how it can help you conserve your environment?

Processing of payslips - its generation and management can be one of the most complex tasks. It requires a multitude of skills and knowledge in the areas of payroll administration, human resources, finance, and application of technology as well as the management.

How it works?


ePayslip is a secure web based service allowing employees to access their payslip information via a website, mobile and other device.

Around-the-clock Access

Access to ALL your payslip information 24/7, 365 days a year

Email/SMS Alerts

Notification of new payslips by email and or by a SMS

Easy Administration

Complete Admin functionality to upload and manage ePayslip information


Secure communication between employee/employer with (SSL certified)

Easy Integration

Works with your Existing Payroll Software Applications


Many entrepreneurs have remote works and find that ePayslips are highly efficient way of getting their employee's payslips to them in a timely and secure manner. The concept of ePayslip is well understood. Paper payslips are time consuming, can be costly to distribute and by nature of being paper re not environmentally friendly. Once set up, there are also significant time savings to be made not forgetting the fact that specialized payslip printing and sealing machines no longer need to be purchased and maintained

For Employer

  • Reduce cost (Printing, postal, etc…)
  • Reduce carbon footprints
  • Faster Delivery of Payslips
  • Improve Information sent to employees
  • Accessed securely from anywhere
  • Promotes your CSR activities
  • Avoids email security issues
  • Upload employee specific documents

For Employee

  • Faster Access
  • Around-the-clock 24/7*365
  • Access from anywhere, anydevice
  • Cause less hinder to HR Department
  • Print and reprint payslips at leisure
  • Email & SMS notification for employees

Frequently Asked Questions

An ePayslip is a monthly payslip which is available for staff to view online on their computer screen, mobile phones and other internet enabled devices.
ePayslips have been introduced to foster easy, faster and improved access to pay information. ePayslips provide several advantages to staff including:
+ They are more secure than printed payslips as they are accessed via www.epayslip.lk with a strict individual employees organization email id and password, which are known to only the staff.
+ They can be accessed quickly and easily from any computer or mobile phone with internet access.
+ Staff can access previous cumulated payslips.
The content of the ePayslip is the same as the printed payslip.
The layout of the ePayslip is the same as your current paper payslip.
No, the ePayslip is simply an alternative way that you receive notification of your pay. Your pay will still be transferred directly into your bank account or your existing method of payment. It does not in anyway affect the amount you receive as your pay.
ePayslips will normally be available as soon as Salary reports are processed and loaded. You will receive formal notification that your ePayslip is available to view via text on your registered mobile phone or via email.
You will always be able to access your most recent payslip online, plus all previous ePayslips. Depends on the retention period that your organization has opted from ePayslip.lk you can access your payslip history.
Yes, you can access your ePayslip from any internet enabled device by logging into www.epayslip.lk.
No. The ePayslip is purely a web based application that you can access from any internet enabled device. However, if you want to save your payslip on your computer or pen drive, then you will need a PDF reader to enable you to view your payslip. Most computers today have a PDF reader already installed.
Yes, ePayslips can be printed in the same way that you would print any other document. Simply click on the print icon in the ePayslip viewer, which will appear above your payslip statement. Your payslip will print on your default printer. As with any confidential information, it is recommended that caution is exercised when using shared printers, or printers in shared offices or public areas.
ePayslips will be accessed via a secured tunnel using HTTPS protocol (https://www.epayslip.lk) which is extremely secure. And also your data has been encrypted using the modern encryption standards. However, as with any confidential information, it is recommended that caution is exercised when accessing or printing ePayslips using shared computers and printers; or computers and printers in shared offices or public areas. www.epayslip.lk will perform an automatic log off if the system has been idle for more than 5 minutes. However, you are advised to take the following security precautions:
1. Don't leave your office with your computer still logged on to www.epayslip.lk, either log off, or lock the computer.
2. Don't share your password with anyone
3. Change your password if you think your security is in danger of being breached.
Yes certainly. ePayslip has been designed to cater the electronic version of payslips generated from any Payroll providers. The formats of your ePayslip will remain as same as the printed payslips of your organization.
ePayslip has been designed to cater the electronic version of payslips generated from any Payroll providers. We can engage with your bureau service provider to convert the paper based payslip to an electronic version.
Yes of course. ePayslip.lk has been designed to support all kind of payment slips.
DMS is in the business of offering Payroll solution and services for more than 35 years. DMS possess the necessary expertise and experience required to offer a solution of this nature.

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